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Acrylic Sheet

Acrylic Sheet

  • Product description: Acrylic Sheet

High quality acrylic/Acrylic plastic /3mm Acrylic Sheet

1220x1820mm (4'x6')
1250x1850mm (4'x6')
1220x1830mm (4'x6')
1850x2450mm (6'x8')
Other custom sizes
clear (transparent/crystal)
different colors(milky white, opal, opaque, translucent,black, yellow, red, blue, green, brown, pink, etc)
fabric, marble etc.


Weather resisting: Strong surface hardness and good weather resisting property.
• Transparency: Perfect transparency and the light transmittance with 93%.
• Electrical insulation : Excellent electrical insulation, very light in weight
• Plasticity: High plasticity, processing and shaping easier
The advantages of acrylic sheet :
1 .Excellent Transparency
The light transmission of the clear acrylic can reach 92% .
2. Excellent Weather resistance
High adaptability to natural environment, even for a long time in the sunlight, wind blowing and rain will not change the performance, anti-aging performance is good, you can also feel at easy to use in the outdoor
3. Good Processing Performance
Both suitable for mechanical processing and heat forming
4. Excellent Comprehensive Performance
Acrylic has wide varieties ,rich colors, and has extremely excellent comprehensive performance, provides a variety of choices for designers, acrylic can be dyed, the surface can be painted, silk screen or vacuum coating

Acrylic Production Flow
Cast acrylic sheet is made by LUCITE mma raw material, our machine is one circular pipeline, we will every frame sheets quality including the weight,the thickness,the surface,the size. We will make sure every sheet is qulified. Welcome to visit our factory.

Different Points Between Extruded Acrylic Sheet & Cast Acrylic Sheet
Extruded acrylic sheet and Cast acrylic sheet are all belongs to acrylic products. But there is still some different points because of the difference production menthod. Detailled different points between Extruded acrylic sheet and Cast acrylic shee as follows:
1. Transparency :Cast acrylic sheet transparency is more than 98%, while the Extruded acrylic sheet is only around 92%
2. Property :Cast acrylic sheet has high molecular weight, excellent stiffness, strength and excellent chemical resistance. This feature is suitable for small quantity processing, there are unmatched flexibility in color and surface texture, and complete product specifications for a variety of special purposes.
Compared with the Cast acrylic sheet, the extrusion acrylic sheet has low molecular weight, weaker mechanical properties. However, this feature is conducive to bending and thermoforming process, fast plastic vacuum forming in dealing with the larger size sheet,.
3. Tolerance :Extruded acrylic sheet thickness tolerances is lower than cast acrylic sheet. Extrusion acrylic sheets is crowded high-volume automated production, the tolerances can be controlled at ± 0.1mm. Cast acrylic sheet tolerances is increasing based on the thickness (check the acrylic sheet tolerance chart), and the Extrusion
4. Color & thickness : the Extruded acrylic sheet color adjustment is inconvenience because of the big extrusion machine, so the product is limited by a certain color,normally only keep the clear color , also the thickness normally is under 8mm because of the extrusion technology. The cast acrylic is easy to make any color.
5. Exterior : Cast acrylic sheet is very transparent without dotting . For the Extruded acrylic sheet will be squeezed edge dotting. For the B-level board can see the edge is yellow and dark. For the A-level panel edge also seems a little dark.
6. SIZE : Extruded acrylic sheet will choose 1.83M * 1.22M and 2.44M * 1.22M, the width is notmally around 1.22m . While Cast acrylic sheet length and width can be customer chosen , (but not too wide, this will cause deformation and big tolerance, check on the cast acrylic specifation chart).
7. APPLICATION : EXTRUSION ACRYLIC sheet is normally used for LED products , light guide panel , diffuse panel and someplace need the small tolerance sheets. Cast acrylic sheet is used for the handcraft products or the bathroom, with the varity thickness and color. For the other place , both is ok.


• Advertisement: Silk screen printing, engraving materials, exhibition board, denotes;
• Building& Decoration: Decorative sheets for outdoors and indoors, storage racks;
• Vessel&Vehicle: Interior decorating materials of buses, train, subway, steamships;
• Furniture: Office furniture, kitchen cabinet, bathroom cabinet;
• Industrial Application: Thermoformed products, refrigeratory warehouse project, environmental protection engineering;
• Others: Moulding board, sports apparatus, breeding timber, beach moisture-proof facilities, water-resistant timber, art materials, all kinds of light partition plates.

Surface packing:
both sides with PE film or kraft paper protected.
Packing when shipment:
1. Iron Pallet:
usually load 2000KG (2.0tons) on each pallet, more durable and strong than plywood pallet.
Each pallet 's height is about 20cm
With corrugated paper box or plywood box to protect sheets
Fixed strings around pallets to keep it stable and safety

2. Plywood Pallet:
usually can load not over 1500KG(1.5tons) each pallet, not so strong than iron pallet when in shipment, but looks very pretty when in loading, easier to unload when goods arrive to destination.
If you want easy unloading from container, better to choose plywood pallet.

About us

WUDONGQI is a professional manufacturer of acrylic glass, optical glass and laser accessories. Our factory has advanced production equipment and strong technical force, such as large-scale laser engraving and cutting machine, CNC computer engraving and cutting machine, copying machine, etc., and constantly introduces new technology, new technology, new equipment, and strictly controls the quality in material opening, grinding, polishing, hot bending, silk screen printing, etc, Fine workmanship. The products are mainly exported to Europe, America, Middle East, Southeast Asia and South America.

Product Range:
1) Specializing in the production of all kinds of acrylic (plexiglass) cutting products - bird feeder, flower box, climbing pet box, cosmetic storage box, desk sign, logo and all kinds of acrylic (plexiglass) display shelves. Process decoration
2) Specializing in the production of various optical glass and laser components, sapphire glass, laser crystal, IPL laser machine parts

In the future, we will, as always, provide our customers with higher quality, more reliable, more economic products and better services. We sincerely welcome new and old customers to visit us and cooperate with us


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